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 Do You Want To Deliver A World-Class 
 Patient Experience? 


 Do You Want To Deliver A World-Class Patient Experience?  

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72 Moments Of Magic UNKNOWN To Most Dentists 

For Converting Your Patients Into Lifelong High-Value Clients That Pay You More, Refer A Lot, And Stay For A Lifetime..."

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Having Studied Some Of The Most Iconic Brands Known For Excellence In Customer Service... Brands Such As...

...And Having Built A 7-Figure Concierge And Valet Services Business Serving Upscale High-Rise Residential Condominiums...

Here's What I Learned

(New Research)

The Single Biggest Secrets To Growing A Thriving Dental Practice

...In unforgiving post pandemic times

From The Desk Of: Farai Kufakwedu

Calgary, Canada

Dear Doctor,

Imagine this... it's a gorgeous mid-summer afternoon...five years from today.

Two former dental school classmates are catching up over coffee after bumping into each other at the Dentist On Fire conference in Las Vegas.

They always had similar values and interests, these two classmates.

In dental school, both had been above average students, both had great people skills and both – as young dental school graduates are – were filled with wild ambitions and aspirations to build bright futures.

Sitting and chatting inside Starbucks, their days in college seemed like yesterday.

Even though many years had gone by since college, these two were still very much alike.

Both were in fulfilling relationships. Both had two children. And both, as their plan had always been…had gone on to open their own dental practices.

But There Was A Difference...A Very Big Difference

One of the classmates was the owner of a thriving chain of five Practices.

The other had gone back to work for a DSO after selling her practice in December 2022. Her practice had failed to get back on its feet after the Coronavirus in 2020.

What Made The Difference?

You must be wondering, as most people do, what made the difference in the two dentists' life stories?

I’m sure you have at one point wondered why one dentist starts a dental practice that goes on to be average, while another does the same thing, but ends up building a highly thriving practice.

  • Is it native intelligence?
  • ​Did one have a better location?
  • ​Did one want success more than the other?
  • Or had one done more CE?

Well, for these two former classmates, the difference lies in what they did when they reopened their practices after the Coronavirus dust settled.

Which is why I'm writing to you and other dentists about my new book...

The 9-Star Patient Experience: Moments of Magic Playbook For Turning Your Dental Patients Into Raving Fans That Pay More, Refer A Lot More & Stay For A Lifetime...Even After A Pandemic

For that is the whole purpose of the 9-Star Patient Experience: to give dentists like you strategies - strategies you can use to grow your practice in the unforgiving post-coronavirus environment.

What On Earth Is A 9-Star Patient Experience?

Consider the customer service experience you would enjoy if you were a guest at a Ritz-Carlton or the Four Seasons hotel...

Or consider the customer service experience a person gets if they are a first-class passenger aboard an Emirates flight...or the experience one gets at Disney World.

That is 5-Star service.

Anybody who goes through this experience the first time will always come back for more if they could afford it.

Now, imagine if that uber high-end customer service experience were to be upgraded four notches higher so that instead of the 5-Star service, it becomes a 9-Star service or a 9-Star Experience.

This kind of experience , I’m sure you’d agree, would be an experience out of this world. One for the books!

One that anybody who gets it for the first time would come back for more and tell all their loved ones, hated ones (through social media posts), friends, and enemies.

That over the top customer service experience is what this book is all about.

It is about delivering a dental experience so out of this world; your patients will love you so much that they will come back for more treatment, stay with you forever and create a flood of referrals into your practice.

What Will Delivering A 9-Star Patient Experience Do For Your Practice...

Besides Making Your Practice The Community's Favorite Dentist?

  • ​Explodes your case acceptance on high-value cases.
  • Increases your value and impact on the community.
  • It differentiates you... so you don't compete on price.
  • ​It turns your patients into an army of referral agents.
  • ​Turns patients into lifelong raving fans that pay more.

Not only that, a 9-Star Patient Experience also...

  • Exponentially increases the effectiveness of your paid and organic advertising.
  • Drastically lowers appointment cancellations.
  • Creates a magnetic reputation by driving up your positive reviews.
  • ​It closes the wide-open back door on patient churn.

Now…in order to deliver the 9-Star Experience for your patients, you’re going to need delivery vehicles...

Your delivery vehicles are the many possible touch points between you, your team, and your patients.

Let’s borrow a term from the great Dr. David Moffet and call these touch points Moments of Magic.

It is the cumulative effect of all the Moments of Magic that will make up the patients’ 9-Star Experience with your practice.

To become a real master at turning your patients into raving fans that pay more, refer more and stay for a lifetime, you and your team must...

Master The Art Of Delivering Multiple Moments of Magic...

That Reduce Patients' Fears Of Dentistry and Gets Them To Accept Treatment Now.

It is by creating, and delivering Moments of Magic that wow your patients on every touch point that your dental service becomes a 9-Star Experience.

What Will Moments of Magic Do For Your Patients?

  • They make patients feel real great about themselves.
  • They make patients to accept treatment.
  • They build trust in you and your team (the same trust that passengers on a plane have for the pilot).
  • ​They melt your patient's anxieties and fears of dentistry.
  • ​They positively enhance patients' lifestyles and outlook.
  • Moments of Magic are great for creating experiences that people love to share with their network.

Your Calling To Become More

Doctor, I believe like you do.... that dentistry is a sacred calling. Nobody goes through what it takes to become a dentist without having a deep sense of calling to serve.

To help you become more effective at impacting lives through the calling of dentistry, I would like to gift you my new book.

See, I have put together a Moments of Magic Playbook from which you will be able to pick and choose the patient experiences that you and your team feel would make the most immediate impact on your patients and practice.

This playbook is your answer to the calling to become more.

By making a commitment to be more...

This is how you change the lives of your patients, and this is how you'll grow an ultra thriving practice.

Send For It...

It's Free!

This Book Could Hold The Answer To Your Future Success

Dental Marketing Experts

The 9-Star Experience Moments of Magic will:

  • Help you to build the practice of your dreams with less stress. (some stress is unavoidable when building a great practice)
  • Guarantee financial security for you, your family and your team....
  • ​Exponentially increase your impact in the community you serve.
  • Remarkably enhance your patients' status and lifestyles.

These "9-Star Patient Experience Moments of Magic" have been used to increase production and collections for:

Practices of any type you can think of...

  • Multi Office Ortho Practices
  • Single Office Ortho Practices
  • Multi Office Dental Practices
  • Single Office Dental Practices

If you are looking to grow your dental or orthodontic practice without stressing over new patients, then you need to give your patients these "Moments of Magic" right now!

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I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new 

hardcover book right to your doorstep, ASAP!

Like I mentioned before, this book is my gift to you. I've researched the "Moments of Magic" strategies and put them together for you.

I'll pay for the book's printing. All I ask is that you help cover the cost of handling and shipping it to your door. It doesn't matter where your door is... we'll send it anywhere in the world!

If you would prefer a digital version of the book, I also have it for sale in Kindle format on Amazon...

Inside Of This NEW Book... Here Is A Sneak Peak Into The Moments of Magic You'll Discover For FREE!

Inside of "9-Star Patient Experience Moments of Magic Playbook," I will be sharing with you 99 practical strategies to help you turn your patients into raving fans that pay more, refer a lot more and stay with you for a lifetime.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll discover inside of your free copy of this new book: 

Give Your New Patients An Experience Like No Other...Turn Them Into Lifetime Clients

  • Moment of Magic #54: This Is The Single Fastest, Easiest, And Best Way Of Preparing A New Patient To Like And Trust The Dentist... Even Before Meeting For The First Time. Page 141
  • Moment of Magic #55: Make New Patients Trust You And Your Team The Way Passengers Aboard A Plane Trust Their Pilot And Crew. This Dan Kennedy Strategy Will Turn New Patients Into Raving Fans That Will Stay For A Lifetime. Page 143
  • Moment of Magic #56: Any New Patient Who Receives This Phone Call Will Show Up For Their Next Appointment No Matter What. This Is The Best Way To Hedge Against Cancellations and No Shows. Page 145

Here Are Some Moments Of Magic That Make Patients Feel You Care...

  • Moment of Magic #2: How Do You Ensure That None Of Your Team’s Interactions With A Patient Results In The Patient Developing Negative Feelings Of Being Unheard? (This Is One Of The Biggest Reasons Why Customers Switch Service Providers) Page 31
  • Moment of Magic #3: Horst Schulze used this patient experience innovation to position the Ritz Carlton Hotel as the most customer service centric hotel in the world. (You must deploy this in your practice) Page 33
  • Moment of Magic #4: Use The Power of Appreciation To Show Your Patients How Much You Care and Watch Your New Patient Pipeline Overflow With Dollars, Euros and Pounds. Pages 34 - 35
  • Moment of Magic #5: Do This For A Few Patients On Valentine's And Watch This Day Become One Of Your Most Productive Days. This Is The Secret To Making Patients Like You. Page 36
  • Moment of Magic #7: President Bill Clinton Used This Strategy To Make Everybody Around Him Feel Valued. Use It On Your Patients And Watch In Awe As Your Case Acceptance Explode Through The Roof. Page 39

Check Out How The 9-Star Patient Experience Gives You An UNFAIR Advantage - Page 29

  • Moment of Magic #11: Roll Out The Red Carpet For High Value Cases (Do This Five Times And Your Practice Might End Up On National News) Page 47
  • Moment of Magic #13: Giving Your Patients One Of A Kind Milestone Birthday Surprises Will Pay For Itself In Lifetime Loyalty. Page 48
  • Moment of Magic #14: Find Out The Magnetic Trick That Has Made Me Spend A Lot On The Services Of One Particular Chiropractor. (You and Your Team Must Master This) Page 52-53
  • Moment of Magic #18: Dr. David Moffet Used This Moment Of Magic To Dissolve His Patients' Fear Of Dentistry. (Helped Him Sell His Practice For Multiple Seven Figures Working Serving A Middle Income Community) Page 60

The Dentist In Your Area Who Becomes Known For Delivering a 9-Star Patient Experience Will End Up With All The New Patients That Might Have Been Yours.

  • Moment of Magic #19: The strategy You and Your Team Must Use To Avoid Giving Your Patients The Negative Emotion Of Feeling Like They Are In A Hospital When They Come Into Your Practice. Page 63
  • Moment of Magic #21: Ignoring The Writing On Your Walls Is Responsible For Creating Layers Of Resistance And Anxiety In Your Patients (TIP: Anxious Patients Always Leave With Feelings Of A Bad Experience.) Page 67
I'd like to rush a FREE copy of my brand new
hardcover book to your doorstep, ASAP!
Send Me Your Address...

Like I mentioned before, this book is free. I'll pay for the book's printing. All I ask is that you help me cover the shipping and handling cost and we'll send it anywhere in the world! If you would prefer a digital version of the book, I also have it for sale in Kindle format on Amazon...

The 5 Absolute Imperatives Needed To Deploy A Successful 9-Star Experience

The Dentist Who Gets These Right Will Have All The New Patients In Your Area

Getting these five imperatives in place is an absolute must given the environment you're building in.

None is more important than the other. If one is missing, it will be hard, to build and deploy an effective patient experience strategy.

But if two or more of the Five Absolute Imperatives are lacking, deploying a 9-Star Patient Experience will be impossible. Page 25

The Savvy Dentist Has A Web And Social Media Experience That Pulls Online Visitors Into His or Her Office...Page 78

  • Moment of Magic #26: Use this Perry Marshall Hack To Find Out If Your Web Copy Is You-Centric vs Patient-Centric. Patient-Centric Copy Connects Emotionally With Patients because it talks about their fears, worries and aspirations. Page 80
  • Moment of Magic #27: To Give Your Patients The Best Experience With Your Marketing Strategy, You Must Ditch Traditional Marketing And Expose Your Patients To Marketing Strategies That're Built Around Dentistry Funnels. Page 81
  • Moment of Magic #29: The Dentist In Your City Who Knows How To Use Paid Advertising To Elicit A Craving In Prospective Patients To Know More About His or Her Offers Will Monopolize All The High Value Cases. Find Out How On Page 86-87

Covid Has Made It

Impossible To Give Back To Communities Using Events That Require Large Gatherings.

The dental practices that will be creative in coming up with, and deploying strategic community events will position themselves as the leaders.

They will end up realizing greater collections from their current patients as well as monopolizing most of the new patients while crushing the competition to pieces.

To Crush Or Be Crushed By The Competition...

I want to gift you and your team a FREE copy of my brand new hardcover book . I'll send it to your doorstep ASAP so you can CRUSH the competition.

Like I said above, this book is my gift to you. It's FREE for you. I'll pay for the book's printing. All I ask is that you help cover the cost of handling and shipping it to your door. It doesn't matter where your door is... we'll send it anywhere in the world!

Here Are Some Creative Ways To Deliver Group Events That'll Grow Your Practice While Giving Patients A Great Community Experience (Without Violating Social Distancing Measures.)

  • Moment of Magic #30: Deploying This community Investment Moment of Magic Resulted In Dr. Gary Takacs Adding An Extra $101,000 In Production To His Practice... After Investing Less Than $3,500. Page 90
  • Moment of Magic #32: This Strategy Makes It Easy for people to pick you as their dentist of choice. It Establishes You As The Undisputed Dental Authority In The Community And City. Page 95
  • Moment of Magic #34: This Is A Rarely Utilized Moment of Magic That Can Steer You To Tremendous Profits In Invisalign, Implants And Other High Value Cases ... Even If Many Families Are Hurting For Money. Page 100
  • Moment of Magic #36: This Strategy Will Endear You To Your Patients Causing Them To Desire Reciprocating By Giving You Great Reviews Or Sending Great Referrals Your Way. Page 103

Practices That Will Thrive In The New Economy Will Do So By Making Patients Feel The Safest They Have Ever Felt!

Here Are Some Creative Ways To Make Your Patients Feel Safe In Your Office

  • Moment of Magic #38: This Practice Of Basic Hygiene When Communicated Well To Patients Increases Their Sense Of Safety And Lowers Anxiety. (Especially Important To Parents) Page 107
  • Moment of Magic #40: Deploying This Strategy Will Cost You A Bit But It's Totally Worth It In The Long Run. It Lowers The Transmission Of Pathogens Into Your Practice As patients Go In And Out. Page 110
  • Moment of Magic #41: Ditch The Physical Office Tour. You Can't Control The Experience And Walking People Around The Office Lowers Safety. Instead, Use This Strategy Recommended By The 8-Figure Dr. Dustin Burleson. Page 111
  • Moment of Magic #61: How seven and eight figure dental owners drive the urgency of getting treatment NOW without doing any “selling.” (In fact, this is how Dr. Craig Spodak DDS became a top 1% Invisalign provider) Page 159

To Take Your Patient Experience To The Next Level, A Well Thought Out And Strategically Deployed Follow Up System Is A Must

  • Moment of Magic #43: A Lot Of Dentists Unintentionally Annoy Their Patients With This Seemingly OK Practice. In The Process They Loose The Opportunity To Build Deeper And More Profitable Relationships With Their Patients. Page 119
  • Moment of Magic #44: This Automated Follow-up Strategy Will Make Your Patients Consider You A Trusted Family Friend. And As You Know, People Will Do Almost Anything For Their Friends. Page 121
  • ​​Moment of Magic #53: The ONLY Experience That Causes Your Dream Pa​tients To Move Toward Accepting Your Treatment Plan (Or Not Move At All) Understand This ONE Concept, And It Will Forever Change Your Case Acceptance. Page 138
  • Moment of Magic #68: How To Leverage Social Media To Give Your Prospective Patients HOPE Of Something Better That’s Coming... So They Develop Excitement and Anticipation For The CHANGE You’re About To Offer Them! Pages 166 - 180

Your TEAM Is Your Practice... Focusing On Much Else Before A 9-Star Team Experience Strategy Is In Place Is Like Aiming A Fire Hose On The Flowers When Your House Is Burning...Pages 123 - 135

  • Moment of Magic #46: Focusing On Giving Your Staff This Team Experience Will Make Them Look Forward To Creating Memorable Moments For Patients. Page 126
  • Moment of Magic #48: This Strategy Creates A 9-Star Team Experience That Compels Your Staff To Put Their All Behind Your Mission. (5th Absolute Imperative) Page 130
  • Moment of Magic #49: One Of The Most Effective Ways To Give Your Team A Really Awesome Experience. This Strategy Is Especially Potent Because It Gets Members Of A Patient's Family Into Your Office. Page 132

As You Can See...

The 9-Star Experience: Moment Of Magic Playbook Is Jam Packed With Strategies That Will Take Your Patient Experience To The Next Level...

The Question Is, Are YOU Ready To Go To Next Level? If you are...

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The 9-Star Patient Experience: Moments Of Magic Playbook

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hardcover book right to your doorstep, ASAP!

Like I mentioned before, this book is my gift to you. I've researched the Moments of Magic strategies and put them together for you..

I'll pay for the book's printing. All I ask is that you help cover the cost of handling and shipping it to your door. It doesn't matter where your door is... we'll send it anywhere in the world!

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Because of the commitment you would have shown, I would like to offer you another gift.

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Now...I know you might be wondering...

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Rest assured, this offer isn't one of them.

There's NO secret "continuity program".

But, in case you're wondering why I'm giving away my book for free...

Well, I have one really good reason for doing this...

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Time Is Of The Essence...

Here's why...

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The dentist in your area who gets copies for himself and his or her team will smoke everybody. I want that to be you.

If you're reading this letter, then the offer is still live. But I reserve the right to take it down any time.

So move with speed.

Here Is My Iron Clad Guarantee

Dental Patient Experience

Rock-Solid No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee...

If for one reason or another you don't love the book, I'll return your $9.95 shipping and let you keep the book anyway.

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I truly appreciate you for taking the time to read this letter. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy the book!

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Farai Kufakwedu

Head of Growth & CEO

Dentistry Funnel

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